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QUAD - Acoustical Manufacturing Company
Another fine example of high-end audio from the U.K

SUBWOOFER Do It Yourself Page
Self service and great tips.

Need help with a formula ?

great search engine, check it out.

Steven Klein's Sound Control Room

Cohen Software Consulting

My Cousin's page , check it out.

Click here for a larger view CHILLIWACK
Where I Live
And that is Mt. Cheam, my view. click on it.
NOTE: 3 different links (the picture and 2 for Chilliwack)

Click here to check out my neighborhood

My friend Kelly's company, CHECK IT OUT

My friend Kelly's business site

Really Cool Site, GREAT for your DESKTOP WALLPAPER!

Another cool site, check out the Earth Viewer

Leon Gallery
Beautiful micro-calligraphy art work, that I saw,
and met the artist, he makes excellant coffee, and great conversation.
(I'm happy to call him FRIEND)
You can even purchase on-line, very reasonably.

American Sephardic Federation

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