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You already know my name, and what I look like. As for my "Raison d^Etre" for being on the World Wide Web, it was my BEST FRIEND, MaryAnn, whose idea it was to create a site for me. I owe her many heartfelt thanks for her invaluable help, in helping me understand the basics of HTML and giving me that final boot to make a decision regarding having a web site about my interests in the audio industry.

My history in that field starts in 1974, when I was hired as a shipper for a distributor of British audio products, such as Celestion (makers of the fine Marshall guitar loudspeakers), Lustraphone, Connoisseur, and Decca Special products. The firm also repaired these products. Having a technician to chat to, and an inquisitive nature, I quickly learned how to do repairs and adjustments on the Connoisseur turntables, and repair and re-cone the Celestion loudspeakers, learning as I went along to do other repairs, such as tone arms and cartridges (a.k.a "needles").

After six years, I decided to check the retail side of the industry, and was hired by an audio shop. It was there that I discovered a new term, "tweaking," the modification of equipment in pursuit of perfection. I modified turntables and loudspeakers, met with and learned to qualify customers (no, not pat them down to see if they had money), seeing what their systems consisted of, and what they were looking for, troubleshooting that darned "tape monitor" button syndrome etc.

From there, I went to yet another retail store, and became an audio salesman, representing mid to high end audio equipment. It was soon after that I moved to the other side of the continent, where I worked in a family owned and operated audio/video store, which has been around for over 48 years . It took a few years longer to elevate the store’s stature and reputation for miles around as "The best place to shop."

It was a pleasant surprise when the local cable TV director called me to discuss an idea about having a segment on his show relating to the audio industry. I have since moved on, and I've experienced almost every aspect of the industry, from Home/Mobile audio/video, and including Security and built-in vacuum systems, to Smart-Home technology.


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